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anouk-liveatgelredome-bel-box-15tr-f anouk-liveatgelredome-bel-box-15tr-d anouk-liveatgelredome-bel-box-15tr-b

Track listing:
  1. Intro
  2. The dark
  3. Make it rain
  4. Modern world
  5. Whatever you say
  6. The difference
  7. Girl
  8. I don't wanna hurt
  9. It's so hard
  10. Might as well
  11. Everything
  12. Jerusalem
  13. If I go
  14. Nobody's wife
  15. Good god

YearCountryRecord CompanyTypeCatalog number
2008 Belgium EMI BOX 5-413660-847215-01

Additional info:
This was a special release by a Belgian newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws".
It is a sturdy cardboard box with an opening on the right side containing
a booklet with a sturdy cardboard cover and a cd.