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Track listing:
 Disc 1.
  1. In The Sand 4:44 (Anouk Teeuwe / Bart van Veen)
  2. Don't 4:23 (Anouk Teeuwe / Bart van Veen)
  3. R U Kiddin' Me 3:20 (Anouk Teeuwe / Bart van Veen)
  4. Tom Waits 3:04 (Anouk Teeuwe / Bart van Veen)
  5. Urban Solitude 4:00 (Anouk Teeuwe / Bart van Veen)
  6. U Being U 3:05 (Anouk Teeuwe / Bart van Veen / Ricardo Pronk)
  7. Michel 4:09 (Anouk Teeuwe / Bart van Veen)
  8. The Dark 3:17 (Anouk Teeuwe / Bart van Veen)
  9. My Best Wasn't Good Enough 3:29 (Dinand Woesthoff)
  10. It Wasn't Me 4:28 (Anouk Teeuwe / Bart van Veen)
  11. Cry 4:11 (Anouk Teeuwe / Bart van Veen)
  12. Body Brain 3:41 (Anouk Teeuwe / Bart van Veen)
  13. My Friend 3:30 (Anouk Teeuwe / Bart van Veen)
Disc 2.
  1. In The Sand (live) 4:44
  2. Tom Waits (live) 3:04
  3. R U Kiddin' Me (live) 3:20
  4. Body Brain (live) 3:41
  5. The Other Side Of Me (live) 3:30
  6. video-clip R U Kiddin' Me 3:20
  7. video-clip The Dark 3:20

YearCountryRecord CompanyTypeCatalog number
2000 Netherlands Dino Music CD DNCD 20699
2000 Europe Dino / BMG CD 712195 769977

Additional info:
Anouk Teeuwe
Sven Figee
Paul-Jan Bakker
Roland Dirkse
Michel van Schie
Satindra Kalpoe

Produced by: Anouk Teeuwe
Co-producer/engineer: Ronald Trijber
Assistant engineer: Frits Rosingh
Mixed by: Erwin Musper at Skip Saylor Recording (assisted by Tracey Brown and Regula Mirz), LA
Engineer overdubs "R U Kiddin' Me": Erwin Musper at Bullet Sound Studio's (assisted by Erik Rus),
 Nederhorst den Berg
Mastered by: Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood
Recorded at: NOB Audio 1, Hilversum
Acoustic guitar "Michel" and "Urban Solitude" recorded at Lagune Studio, Rijkevorsel
All tracks* published by: TBM International C.V. / K&G Publishing
*Track 9 published by: Maximum R&B Music Publishing / BMG Music Publishing B.V.
Photography: Frans Jansen
Sleeve concept/ideas: Anouk Teeuwe
Sleeve design: Peters - Moest'I - Saglia
Tourmanagement: AT Productions +31 (0) 70 345 44 74

Thank you muchly to: Tony Berk and everybody at Dino and TBM, Ronald Trijber, Erwin & Danny Musper,
Frits Rosingh, Dick van Dolron, Erik Ras, Skip & Lynn Saylor, Tracey Brown, Regula Mirz,
Chris Bellman, Reggie Thepass, Frans Jansen, Barny Pronk, Jeroen Rijnaars, Dave van Dal, Erik Donner,
Henk Gerners, Roland van Bentvelsen, Peter Schmitz, Ricardo Pronk, Dinand Woesthoff, Edwin Jansen,
Hester Goldberg, Jacqueline Noppen, E-Life, Onno Krijn, Willem Baars, Fanclub, Ron Tetteroo,
Brian Akeroyd, Billy the Kid, Carla V, GSUS, SIMPLE, Diesel, S.W.R., KOCH, Arwin Wensveen and Peter
Hacquebard of The Guitar Man, UFIP symbols.
Special thanks to: Bart van Veen, Mascha Teeuwe and my band.
George Kooymans, John Sonneveld and Barry Hay thanks for making me come the first time, without that
there wouldn't have been a second album.

All the live tracks recorded February 21st & 22nd at Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Video-clip R U Kiddin' Me made by Czar, Rogier van der Ploeg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Video-clip The Dark made by Rosto A.D., Amsterdam, The Netherlands.