Music Chronicles

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CD+, Icarus/Roadrunner, Argentina
CD+, Helion, Brasil
CD+, Roadrunner, EU (Netherlands)
CD+, Roadrunner, EU (Netherlands)
CD+, Roadrunner, Japan
CD+, Roadrunner, Japan
CD+, Roadrunner, Japan
CD, Sensory, USA

  1. Sever
  2. Frozen
  3. Silhouette of a Dancer
  4. No Compliance
  5. See Me in Shadow
  6. Shattered
  7. The Gathering
  8. Daylight Lucidity
  9. Sleepwalkers Dream
  10. Day for Ghosts
  11. Pristine
  12. (Deep) Frozen [bonustrack]
  13. Frozen (Acoustic) [USA bonustrack]
  14. Silhouette of a Dancer (Acoustic) [USA/Japanese bonustrack]
  15. See Me in Shadow (Acoustic) [USA bonustrack]
  16. No Compliance (Charlotte Vocals) [USA bonustrack]
    The Making of Lucidity (video)

CD, Roadrunner, Argentina
CD, Roadrunner, Australia
CD, Roadrunner, EU (Netherlands)
DP, Roadrunner, EU (Netherlands)
CD, Roadrunner, Japan
CD, Roadrunner, Taiwan
CD, Roadrunner, UK
CD, Sensory, USA

April Rain
  1. April Rain
  2. Stay Forever
  3. Invidia
  4. Control the Storm
  5. On the Other Side
  6. Virtue and Vice
  7. Go Away
  8. Start Swimming
  9. Lost
  10. I'll Reach You
  11. Nothing Left
  12. Come Closer [bonustrack]
  13. No Compliance (Charlotte Only Vocals) [Japanese bonustrack]

CD, CNR, EU (Netherlands)
DP, CNR, EU (Netherlands)

We Are the Others
  1. Mother Machine
  2. Electricity
  3. We Are the Others
  4. Milk and Honey
  5. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  6. I Want You
  7. Where Is the Blood (Feat. Burton C. Bell)
  8. Generation Me
  9. Babylon
  10. Are You Done With Me
  11. Get the Devil Out of Me
  12. Not Enough
  13. The Gathering (Live)[bonustrack]
  14. Control the Storm (Live)[bonustrack]
  15. Shattered (Live)[bonustrack]
  16. Sleepwalkers Dream (Live)[bonustrack]