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New releases (2006-2007).

Source: Tim Fraser-Harding, SonyBMG (Sept. 17, 2006).
Picture courtesy of: Eelco van Kleffens, SonyBMG NL.

There will be variations on a new compilation as these will be tailored to the major APP countries to enable them to release the album that is most suited to their market. However, the plan is for artwork to follow a similar thread and for the tracklisting to be derived from the 3CD set that is being released later this year in Holland and Italy.
It will then be adapted for release in the new year across the rest of the world, although formats may vary (ie some countries may release it as 1 or 2CD and others as 3CD).

So, what's different about any new compilation to the myriad that have come before?
A number of things.
Audio quality - all tracks have been digitally remastered from the best sources available this summer by Dave Donnely and Alan Parsons at DNA Mastering Los Angeles.
Artist input - this has been put together with creative input and co-operation of both Eric and Alan, which is the first time (I believe) since Limelight.
New music - there are 2 previously unheard tracks on this album. "No Answers Only Questions" is a completely unreleased track, with Eric's vocal over Ian's wonderful guitar playing, and is sure to be a pleasant surprise to many of you when you hear it. There is also a new mix of "Separate Lives" which was done this summer by Eric and Haydn Bendall, and in my opinion lends more of a punch to the track than the album version you know.
Career spanning - this compilation takes in tracks from all 10 APP albums, and is limited strictly to APP.
Fan input - you may recall that earlier this year we were looking for the tracks the hardcore fans love, and many of you contributed. This compilation includes all the tracks that scored the highest points, in addition to the best known tracks, and suggestions from Alan and Eric. I also hope that when the International version of the compilation is released next year, we can use a number of the quotes that you submitted alongside your votes.

The Dutch Collection will be released in Holland only (as the title suggests!) early October (not the previously suggested September date), the 2nd unless any last minute production delays, and will be supported by TV advertising. The cover art will then be slightly adapted, and text translated from Dutch to Italian, for the Italian release as "Days Are Numbers" in November. It will remain the same tracklisting and number and pretty much the same artwork throughout.

For those of you who don't live in Holland or Italy and can't wait to get hold of this compilation, and the new improved audio.....don't panic, and certainly don't pay mad prices on e-bay! There will be an opportunity to buy this via mail order, and details will follow very soon.

The tracklisting for the Dutch Collection is below. Please note this is the correct tracklisting (Hawkeye and Sooner Or Later were sequenced the other way round on earlier drafts), and all tracks are album versions with the exception of Separate Lives which is a new and previously unreleased mix.

CD 1
  1. The Raven
  2. The Tell-Tale Heart
  3. The Cask Of Amontillado
  4. To One In Paradise
  5. I Robot
  6. I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
  7. Some Other Time
  8. Don't Let It Show
  9. Day After Day (The Show Must Go On)
  10. What Goes Up
  11. The Eagle Will Rise Again
  12. Can't Take It With You
  13. In The Lap Of The Gods
  14. Shadow Of A Lonely Man
  15. Lucifer
  16. Damned If I Do
  17. If I Could Change Your Mind
CD 2
  1. Games People Play
  2. Time
  3. The Gold Bug

    The Turn Of A Friendly Card (suite)
  4. I - The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part One)
  5. II - Snake Eyes
  6. III - The Ace Of Swords
  7. IV - Nothing Left To Lose
  8. V - The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part Two)

  9. Sirius
  10. Eye In The Sky
  11. Silence And I
  12. Psychobabble
  13. Mammagamma
  14. Old And Wise
  15. Pipeline
  16. Ammonia Avenue
  17. No Answers Only Questions
    (previously unreleased track)

CD 3
  1. Don't Answer Me
  2. Prime Time
  3. Let's Talk About Me
  4. Separate Lives (alternative mix)
  5. Days Are Numbers (The Traveller)
  6. Sooner Or Later
  7. Hawkeye
  8. Stereotomy
  9. Limelight
  10. Where's The Walrus?
  11. La Sagrada Familia
  12. Closer To Heaven
  13. Standing On Higher Ground
  14. Paseo De Gracia

Expanded Editions
All 9 Arista albums are being reissued next year as "expanded editions".
These will include:

The current planned release dates are 3 phases as below. These are not set in stone and may move pending completion of bonus material for each album.

January 22nd, 2007 - I Robot (30th anniversary), Eye In The Sky, Vulture Culture
March 26th, 2007 - Pyramid, The Turn Of A Friendly Card, Stereotomy
May 28th, 2007 - Eve, Ammonia Avenue, Gaudi